Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"


amazing series... my vote is for bub to be remobed

Another Great Episode

That was Excitingg, 2 years, (I liked how it said last week on sprite survivor haha). Im rooting for Bub, he should stay, like.. comon, he saved the host of the game.
My vote for someone to leave the game is Celes,, i hope their teams wins a game before no ones left on it.

All in all, great job. Once again-- Celes

Amazzzzzzing job once again

Bout time haha, great job, every time you finish an episode, you improve. well worth the wait 2, My vote is for Celes, she didnt really seem to stand out or add anything to the game/flash, LMAO@ Bubs bubbles, that was great.

Vote- Celes

This seriosly pwns ass

Ok I vote Shadow for one because after carefully going over the evidence (not really i just wanna sound cool) I do believe that he is the mole. Anyway peace and keep up the good work man you do a great job

This series is getting better and better.

By the way, I vote for Bub to leave the island.