Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"


From who I'm left off with, I have to vote Celes.
But damn it's going to be sad to see either Link, Bub or Shadow get taken off.
All three of them are kick ass!

Hell-Fire responds:


Yeah, it's getting tough. Thanks for the review.

The fight between Ryu, Ganon vs Cloud, Ark ruled!

I vote for Link. He's got the worst graphics :P

Hell-Fire responds:


Lol, that reasoning is new. Thanks.

Easily my favorite Flash series.

I'm so impressed by how much this series has evolved, and this episode merely set the bar higher. The Story is getting better as it progresses and the fights themselves are also getting more creative. I also like the choice of music as I have for all the other episodes. I know I probably sound one sided but I really don't see anything bad in this episode. I thought the funniest thing was the intro to sailor Mars and Jupiter, despite Sailor Moon being gone, there's still that hilarious "sailor sex" gag around which is great. All in all this my favorite episode yet, and knowing how much you've gotten better makes me only more eager to the next one. My I vote goes to Celes to get booted. One last note, It's great to see you didn't drop the series, despite it being in the hole for 2 years, so thanks for bringing it back instead of letting it die out. ;)


Nice job, I vote Celes Out


my first vote and its the most difficult of them all.....those are 4 of my fav..... guess link cuz i dont no him as well...... bub is awesome, celes is awesome and sadow is shadow.....damn that was hard sorry link!