Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 8 (P2)"

Welcome Back

Awesome to see the series again. Celes is out.

Hell-Fire responds:


Thanks mate XD


Great job on it man!! I think this one's better than the other 7. No offense but some of the old comedy was kinda childish and off color -.-" But over all this is the best show on newgrounds. But some of my buddy's think that it needs to end!! By the way, we never saw a sex scene between Shadow and Sailer whore (or maybe it was moon) It was kinda disapointing to see that he saved her life (for what ever it was worth) and got a 1-minute make out scene. I think the slut would be a LITTLE more gratful (how ever you spell that) Anyway, my vote DOES NOT got to Shadow because he's one of the top ownage characters of the show, I mean come on, he's a ninja!! Ninjas ROCK!!! I think Bub should stay because he's "sort of" a comic relief (if my spelling makes any sense) Celes seems a lil useless (sorry to any fans of her 16-bit awsomeness) and Link should stay because he's probably the mole (new guy always gets blammed) but if he's not then......VOTE OFF LINK!!! ELVES ANNOY ME TO NO END!!!! THE NEED TO BURN!!! BURRRRRRRRN!!!!! (regains sanity) Anyway....my music request for the show....seeing as I dunno where else to put it...
Take This Life - In Flames
This is the new $hit - Marylin Manson
Stupify - Disturbed (PLAY IT AGAIN!!! ^^)
Chop Suey! - System of a down
Down with the sickness - Disturbed
The Spy Hunter - Project 86
Not Ready to die - Demon Hunter
Thats all I can think of for now, some one wanna tell me where to post music requests?
Oh, and I know some people are pissed off at Shadow and may THINK to vote him off, but......think of it this way, at least Sailer Moon is gone. Besides, who doesn't fall into the temptation of that slutty girl at school? Gives the bad ass ninja another chance people!!! Do it for me? =D
So yeah, vote Link off!!! Burn him!!!

really good vid

the series is really good but when is there going to be a second one and i vote link

you just got so good!

we shall work togeather soon my friend

I dint think there was gonna be a part 8 o.o

Man this keeps gettting better.
Im voting link and....damnit idk which of the other 3 to pick even though im guessing bub is leaving along with Celes...but i wont take that! sorry shadow no hard feeling >_>;

Also whats gonna happen to mario? o_o