Reviews for "Theme of Love (FFIV)"

I guess it comes to us all

...that time when we have to let go. That time when nothing seems harder than to just turn away and walk your separate ways. The madness swirling inside your head crying for you to stay is only broken by thoughts of seeing one another again. As they fade into the distance, the colour of their eyes, the shape of their lips, the smell of their hair, it all becomes that of memories. As if a candle slowly fading in the night you walk further and further. You look upward and try to see the sliver lining of the clouds that surround you, but there is none. You feel a hand on your shoulder and turn around. Your mind screams with delight and happiness as you expect to see them there with that look on their face, yet as you turn you see that in fact it is not them, but yourself. You have found yourself once more, and can now build yourself back to be a stronger, more resilient person


the melody is awesome, i kinda want remember a moment with song....like a time with a girl that didn't end up bad... maybe leading up to the bed and doing stuff...hehe

but anyway this song is awesome man, keep making more


I remember first hearing this and falling in love with this song. You've done it proud for sure. Great work getting top five and keep up your wonderful wonderful mixing!



i'm gonna cry D:


i'm so in love with this song..

it sounds just as..


and nostalgic

as the original song itself...

great work~!