Reviews for "Theme of Love (FFIV)"

So pretty and fragile

The arrangement of melodies in this piece is the definition of perfection, awe-inspiring and beautiful. I don't quite know how to describe how this tune makes me feel, but god I love it. Gives me hope for true love, which is what I love most about music, video games or any medium of fantasy.

Thank you for this, I love it.

Very well done.

An absolutely astounding arrangement! The entwining pianos, the subtlety, the beauty of this arrangement can be used for many things indeed, but for now, I'll keep listening. My ability to troll, or review correctly is being shot. Kudos.


I promised myself I wouldn't cry, I promised my...my...*sobs*

very subtle

groi think ill leave this in a side browse and let it play in the background the rest the night till i pass out bravo my friend much respect 4 ur work

Great... but needs much work

WOW! Thats really good for a piano theme. Very interesting and entertaining and it wants to make me cry ;).

Let's go technical for a sec. OMG! dynamics? whats that johnny? idk? WHY because their rarely used in NG music! But here we have some.... one of the essentials of classical. Thank you.

I still feel like i want more flute, and maybe more various orchestral instruments. Still the two interlacing pianos are SO PRETTY! :) :D

And to the author comments: Who doesn't want a listen?? :)