Reviews for "Theme of Love (FFIV)"

Love in my life

Love is all, it's my life, my soul. It's the delicious scent waking me up in the morning, the light music in my ears reminding me why I live this life, and it's You. It's the feeling I have when I see you, the heat I feel each time we embrace, but it's also the blurred and soft images running in my dreams when you aren't here. Love is what giudes my life, our life... Love is the theme of my universe....

As always, written while listening to the song, trying to give a sens to the title...


i also wrote an review with my other account 11223330
it is so beatiful..reminds me of love...and now i like more classical music then punk rock and thet thingy mettalization things.0:33 reminds me of an scene of an woman and an man who loves themselves,kissing.... :/ and by some reason when i hear this type of music i feel something in my heart...i dont know....

thank you!

This reminded me when I was smaller, I always loved final fantasy. This song reminded me when I was with my girlfriend


no words can explain.......no FUCKING WORDS CAN EXPLAIN HOW touching it is


I like it so much...i remember,when i had an new girlfriend 2 hour ago...i was listening to the song...my first kiss...it makes it to me an important music

Now,tom.I want use it for an flash plz
It is an flash about an guy who get lost and forgotten in the world and now he is trying to found something about his past.I want use the music''Counting down the hours'' and themusic''an second chance''.It is so beatiful...it screams my feelings in my name...This is just,the best shit on the world