Reviews for "Theme of Love (FFIV)"

Nice stuff.

The original is a really sweet melody and it's hard to make it sound bad. Really nice arrangement all in all. And the flash was brilliant!

I doubt many could recognize the origin...

I do appreciate the FFIV reference, probably 3rd or 4th to best final fantasy they ever made, but I'm curious as to how you came across this piece, and decided to remake it. It's pretty obscure, even in the game, only times I can remember it being played are when that summoner girl's mom dies and whenever your friends decide to sacrifice themselves. Well it reminds of the good times of being a badass dark knight, and then the slightly less good times being a faggy purple-haired paladin. Thanks for the remake, it sounds decent.

pretty good

never actually cared about this kind of music but i still like it


Love Song and Zelda's Lullaby always make me cry . . . .

pretty nice

reverb is your best friend