Reviews for "Theme of Love (FFIV)"


Really enjoyed listning wonderfull. :)

Listening to Perfection. ^_^

This is great. With this song u can imagine a thousand wonderul things.

This song...

Extremely moving... i.. i cant begin to describe it. perfection.

Powerful enough to tell a story in my head...

I have to say, this song and well, any for that matter, can be powerful enough to make a story appear in anyone's head. What I can see when I hear this two people who had thought they had lost each other, have finally found each other after years and years of separation. They are standing in the middle of the room, embracing each other and not letting go. Then, as the music gets more intense, one tear appears on each face and then fall to the ground. They then combine to form the shape of a heart, symbolizing that the two are never going to leave each other's arms, no matter what. Now, I told you what I see. So, tell me: What does this beautiful, peaceful, harmonizing song tell you?

it sounds great for a movie with a sad ending

it just put me into tears