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Reviews for "Portal Assimilation"

To be blatantly honest...

This game wasn't creative or fun, and the animation was choppy. The graphics were very short of breathtaking and to be quite blunt this game did not have any redeeming qualities. I got sick of the repetitive gameplay within 45 seconds, and there weren't even any instructions. However, I realized there were no instructions due to the gameplay being so simplistic that they weren't even needed. I think you could create work of a much higher caliber than this.

Coolio-Niato responds:

Dude. You make a game better. Im your age, so lets see it, before you go COMPLETELY tearing apart a submission.

gets old

i give it a 5 for the efforts

It gets old fast

Its a simple game, with no more than 3 different enemys. If you were to make levels where other newgorunds artist such as claymen or mario men come in People would play for hjours on end and not get bored.


Its a good game but its soooo easy

Quite fun

It was Quite fun, but it gets a bit boring after 10 min :P