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Reviews for "Portal Assimilation"


That was very short and not really something that you should do the next time for clockday...kinda slap stick flash cannon firing at things flying at you game not so much worth your skills...I think you should upgrade it and then re-submit it ...
all kinds of ammo
these are suggestions .....

I gave you a 6 for at least making it. YOU COULD DO BETTER!!

What the hell?

What was that? You shoot cannons at things comming towards a portal. Right, great story and great repetitive music, great graphics...


Coolio-Niato responds:

It was a game I made for clockday, chill.

Pretty good

I liked the Game and very fitting with clock day!!! wouldn't B have been a better fire button tho?


It was a decent game but a little pointless


Yeah it is..
But it was not laggy!