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Reviews for "Portal Assimilation"


He may be the king but, well ah screw the game is too good for words!


LOL the intro features coolio-niatoclock.
I saw you used most groups on NG, but let me say there are 2 more, the glock group and the noobnation. there are even more I guess, but not as far as I know. however, this was a good game and easy to master (and I like that :D)

the clock is awesome!!!!!!!

yeah this is what cool looks like the clock is dope yo

Easy, but good.

Like Warchamp7 said, you can just sit at the left side of the portal and keep blasting people away on the right, nether-the-less great game!

Good Work

I was wonderin when you were gonna submit this :P

Was that my cannon effect? Whee XD

Was fun, until I realized I could sit on the left side of the portal, shooting the ground on the right side and basically be unbeatable :P

But Strawberry is unbeatable so, it fits :P

Great work Coolio