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Reviews for "Portal Assimilation"


i dont like this kind of game but i was ok, btw it laggs way too much. i got to 25,000 and my screan froze. if theres going to be a wave like that make it more less lag, idk maybe my computer is just acting up.
good game keep it up.


hiscores numbers, 9,16,45,13,10
(all scores may have been down graded by the time you compare this info, one is titled gummyboiOWNSALL! and the rest are gummyboi... just incase)

i found a slight glitch that helps you in gaining a few thousand points but i think i might keep this to myself,it was a great game and its goin straight into favs!

Cute idea...

It's just a bit too easy. At least I thought so.


ummm ya first score sucked then THEN I BLUW THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THE GAME WITH 35000 but forgot to right dagothpimplord DAWM IT

hate to say it

i thought it was horrible....but i know u can do better....maybe its just because i hate the clock stuff