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Reviews for "Portal Assimilation"

Wow... Enemies from both sides...

I expected a game with some strategy when i saw the title... guess i was wrong...




the firing rate is random

I refuse to play if it means this

I love te Kitty Krew! I will not kill them!

Its ok

IT has a few programming problems i had less then -200 lives by the time the game
just got so messed up, i have to quit out. So with no lives to worry about i got over
100,000 points haha, so that was fun. The problem was i couldn't die to submit the
score. If anyone else wants to try just get 2 enemy's to hit you at the same time when
you have one life left. Note to the programmer: to prevent this in the future,
livesleft < 1, not livesleft == 0, to end the game. not a bad game though.