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Reviews for "Jungle Destruction"


Great game, good music, but i couldnt beat the last level... :(


When it comes right down to it that is what this game is. It is a lot of fun. Sure the submission itself was not very original, and looked irriley like Guitar hero, but it still managed to provide a lot of fun in general. The graphics in the game were really quite good too, sure they did not overwhelm me at all, but it was a good one nonetheless. As for the gameplay, it seemed a bit shallow, I mean pressing buttons to kill enemies is all great and fun, but it just seems so unoriginal and it really kinda' hurts the submission. What I do like about this submission though, is the mood that it gives off. The whole fast paced mood that the background gives off is really a nice thing to see and I really enjoy it because of that.

The good
1. Fast paced action- something everyone can enjoy.
2. Easy to pick up- some games take ages to learn, this one does not.
3. Not horrible graphics- it doesn't look like my ass, which is nice.

The bad
1. Well, it seems a lot like guitar hero- look a likes aren't good.
2. No motivation- I mean why would I want to play this game?

For the most part the fact that you did end up adding the whole hippo thing to the game is really an original way of playing this game, but it just does not make up for it in my opinion. It's easy to pick up though and that's always nice, if I wanted I could learn this game in five minutes, flat.

Would I recommend this game though? Ya, probably I would. I mean, it has all the makings of a good game. It's easy to learn, it's catchy, and most of all, it has some awesome songs. Anyone who would want to play this game would, and would enjoy it.

Overall- 8/10 stars. It's a great game, but it has some aesthetic faults that really can't be overlooked.


that was cool.... random its a rhino but hey i liked it

Awesome idea

This idea is awesome. Its unique an you executed it well. good job.

best. game. ever.

man. that was so killer. new style and everything.
but i couldn't beat clocks. damn.