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Reviews for "Jungle Destruction"

Great idea, but

needs work. I'll give you 6 free stars just because I really don't like hippos, so it was fun killing them. But the timing was just ridiculous, and it was a little hard to get to the middle section. I take great pride in my timing and reflexes abilities. So when I have this much trouble on something as simple as pressing keys to the beat, I get a little pissed off. I really think the precision required is just too much.

Really good!

Different, and hard later on as well as tricky, but addictive, strange, and has great music! Fun to play and head bobbing!

too sensitive

The movement is too sensitive, so u work on that.


lol that was so fun. anyone saying there is no start button you are retarded! u click select level, then you choose a song with something called "arrow keys" and then press this funny little button on your keyboard called the "SpaceBar" now i know thats too hard for you to figure out so hopefully this will help your disability to figure things out.


It's a good game but it's almost impossible to get to the middle section, and you really should have a start button.