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Reviews for "Jungle Destruction"


That was insane. Nice job. it got quite hectic at times, I think i may have broken a finger.


nice idea and all...but i would hit the right keys when the hippos come twords me i wouldnt hit any of them no matter how close


The zombie pimp did it again!
Congrats in a cool game, too hard for me though :D

haha fun

dunno what that darkside guys talkin about - i thought this was really fun to play haha
guess im just a sucker for DDR style games
i found i had to press A/S/D a bit earlier than the beat, though there was no obvious graphics lag.. mebbe i should try downloading the offline version instead :)
other than that.. sweet graphics and choice of songs combined with a great idea for a DDR variation
well done :D
ps: fraid i had to give up on the coldplay level tho, i have so little patience with games lol :$


The game doesnt start for me. I am in the titlescreen where i have to select a level but the game wont start.. Any idea what to do?