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Reviews for "Jungle Destruction"

Very good

I really like this game alot its very fun and the idea of a rhino goring hippos is damned original. Still some problems i had was that the auto change quality reset to "on" every time you finish a song. Also when you move up and down its a little sensitive and i think it would be nice if the screen was wider so you could see stuff a little earlier. Also its kinda hard to tel when and where you should gore a hippo for an excellent rating cause you know the hippos arnt symmetrical but other then that its a great game.

i like it 4

its a good game but the controlls are to sensitive.


Oki well this sin't what i have thoughted but it's ok try 'n make it easier O.O and try and change the controls man i was fuking confused sry but good for a first try ^^

Not bad at all!

I must say, this isn't half bad for a duo in which one disappeared and the other went half-blind! This game reminded me somewhat of Ongaku with its additional vertical dimension. Plus, killing hippos never gets old. There are just two tiny complaints I've got:

1) I found the color-coding method confusing, as I kept hitting the wrong buttons. Perhaps stamping the correct letter on their sides would help things out a bit,

2) That is, by a long shot, the ugliest Game Over screen I have ever seen. No offense, but I think it gave me eye cancer.

Other than that, excellent, excellent job!

Good Game, Needs Tweeking

I found it really fun to play this game, however one thing that bugs me is the up/down movement being too sensitive, I find myself having to aim from the bottom toward the middle, and then completely overshoot and go at the top, missing the hippo, and losing my combo. T-T

Fix that and you'd get a 10 from me