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Reviews for "Jungle Destruction"


This could be a really great game with a little work. The arrow controls are way to sensitive, the rhino would usually skip the middle row completely, the hippos were too close together, you would if you got excellent with one, the next one would get hit with an early, and the rhino's attack does not reset quickly enough to hit close together targets, and there is no way to tell where the excellent spot is


I liked this game but... OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE THE GAME WAS HOLDING ME HOSTAGE! XD I couldn't hit the X button after it began and honestly all I could think was. "OH DEAR LORD NO!!!'


i like the game, nice and bloddy xD but i agree with the guy below me, too sensitive controls.

overall rating: SUPER AWESOME!

Not bad, not bad at all.

The game it self is not bad at all, my only real complaint is the sensitivity of it running between the column, sometimes it would jump two rows and sometimes he wouldn't move up at all. Maybe changing this to designated key per row (left=top row, down=middle, right=bottom)?


this should be on every website in the world!But the controls are tooooooooooo senstive