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Reviews for "Transmigration"

"Press spacebar to win" doesn't make for much of a game. It's still a pretty neat little 'game', although it's more of an animation if anything.

Love the animation and art

spacebar all the way~
this is like a music video, and with a fantasy of its chaosness, this is what it shou

This is one of the best rhythm games I've ever played! There had to have been a contest or something with all of these around at this time. I thought it was really interesting to see all these different environments. You truly got the feeling of being in a lot of crazy places! I appreciate games that are creative like this. I think I am starting to understand the title.

It was weird how sometimes the firings were automatic. I still don't quite know how that works out. I just thought there was so much going on. It did come off as a bit too easy at times. I recognize the music now.

It's been 5 years since I first played this game.. And I still f-ing love it.. The music, the graphics, the perfect synchronization, the artstyle, the diversity, the.. THE EVERYTHING
Damn... Awesomeness xD