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Reviews for "Transmigration"

Love the concept

I just love the concept of having one thing that you control suddenly morph, and the whole world just change around it, like it does in this game. I had actually been planning to make a game with such a concept myself. The art in this game is one of it's best features. It was really well done; I would have liked to see it at a larger size though. The resolution of the flash is a tad small and looked like it hindered the showcasing of the art here.

Something I would like to see though having the fighting mechanism tweaked or changed during phase changes. It was nice to watch the phases changed, but just that; I could have watched them and listened to the music without tapping the space bar and arrow keys. If there was a rhythm I should have been doing it in for a better score, I was not aware of it. If there wasn't, I really think that adding different gameplay mechanics and sound effects would have given it a lot more depth, though I realize you didn't have the most time to develop it.

Overall I think it's great.

epic. just epic.

exelent job on this one. you should make another using ParagonX9's Chaoz Airflow.

Cool but,

This game is pretty cool, but I only had to press the spacebar the whole time.


WOW! Jerm and I are truly overjoyed by the response. Thanks for the daily feature, front page, and kind reviews. Our goal was to present an original experience that you could really get lost in and it seems that we've succeeded to some extent.
Again, thank you for your love, we definitely wouldn't have the motivation to continue working if it weren't for this great community.

In response to those complaining about this being a submission to the Rock Out contest:
Believe it or not, our biggest inspirations came from games like Parappa the Rappa and Guitar Hero. The contest challenged us to make a creative and original music-based game. We took the approach of the previously mentioned games and tried to break the mold. Guitar Hero (as a music simulation) was all about changing your perspective on what a music-based game should be, we tried to do the same, and we feel we were moderately successful.


An interactive journey through ParagonX9's latest song, 'Chaoz Fantasy'

Warning, graphically intense! Close other applications/flash documents to increase performance.

Programming by Monkokio
Art/Animation by Jerm
Music by ParagonX9


That game is insane!!!!!!! (': PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!
It's a greatttt game.