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Reviews for "Transmigration"


Can anyone say, "Amazing?" The only thing that would have improved it would definitely be MORE SONGS! It was an awesome game, and I must say it's the best game I've seen hit Newgrounds in weeks. Good job! (One thing though, the whale kept getting hit because it went right up beside where the bombs were coming from, and that irritated me a little.)


i loved it

Nicely Done!

Wow... What can i say? i loved it, i dont know were to begin...

i like how you used paragonx9's chaoz fantasy, i like the shapeshifting too, i would like too see more of these types of flashes from you...

Graphics-looks like you spent some time on em
Sound-paragonx9 does awsome music
violence-lol its all about destroying
Humor0-not funny... but still a 10 :D
Overall-You earned it

Not so much a game...

as it is an interactive movie. I like it but I feel like the ability to shoot is just a cheap add-on to be able to put it in the contest. I think it would have been better if you focused only on the visuals. It is still very good though.

This game is just plain cool.

The artwork on this is great. The transforming guy was a very nice touch, too.