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Reviews for "Transmigration"

ive played this back when id surf the internet all day everyday
and since then my one website is this so i can play this on repeat

i played this game when i was a child, and since that moment i loved it. Its simple and amazing at the same time.

I love this game, Chaoz Fantasy was one of the first Newgrounds songs I found that I really liked, and when this came out it was an awesome thing to do while listening to the song. I basically considered this to be the gamer's equivalent of the audio visualizer. That is to say, average person : watching the screen :: gamer : playing this game, if you're familiar with the metaphor syntax

5/5 art, 5/5 music

I'm probably rating this higher than I would if I didn't have nostalgia, but I so love all the little details that make it evident this came out in the mid as2 era ;)

Still after 6 years still amazing well done should be proud to have made such a masterpiece :D :)

This game is amazing, it is a really well done work of art. The animation and the music was well put together. It dont remeber when i have first played this game, but the fact i have come back after several years of not playing it and i still love this. great job!