Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

I like the nothingness :P

watch, trailer whahaha


really well done dude~!


what can I say? I'm a sucker for rookies.

The paint drying was the best part of the movie, but I also really liked the japaneese show.

The art was really good (especially the lighting changes when the sun came out), but most of the humour was from sound, which I really liked.

that was exactly what my insomnia was looking for. though I could've done without the Salad Fingers bit.

and you nearly scared me there, threatening to put up that picture of a monster. I knew you were too chicken though. :D

yay for credits.



who won???
i want to see how won, come on tell me! it was estonia right?

Comlock responds:

There were no winners.
They all died at the end =P

It IS funny.

I have to disagree with the last person's post. First of all, you hint at the fact that the movie is a random assortment of things that most people won't find funny.
However, it is funny. Not in the simple "HA HA" that most people (ahem) expect from comedy, and I wouldn't say that it is dry. A bit obscure, but not dry.
Anyhow this was nicely executed, a great treat to appreciate.