Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

this might make me watch flash videos again

i usually dont bother with the flash video's but if there's more like this, i might even watch some more video's =p

luffed it


^^Good Points^^
The artistic skill you have is obvious. You have a very realistic style of drawing and coloring, especially with the animations of people and also shading. Parts of this were pretty funny, though for the most part I was bored.

^^Needs Improving^^
As I just said, it was a little boring. I'm a bit disappointed that it's mostly just random scenes that are unrelated. The scenes were also very long, which I don't think works well with a bunch of random scenes.

Comlock responds:

I'll keep that crit in mind for later toons.

(and yes, it's random. I warned people about it in the "Author's comments" ^_^)

Its unfinished

All in all, it was quite good, especial the humor an the graphics were nice.... but one thing bugs me.... who won, Argentina or Estonia ?^^

i really like

the drying paintings, really great idea and the commentators, nicely done, first i thought you were from denmark because of the name "fjernsyn" norge is cool (dont like sweden though). overall good, boring, fun movie!
good smooth fbf, and great drawings!
thumbs up!
.carl emil


I was cheering on argentina at the end there...nice work