Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

This was put together very well!

This looked amazing and all the sound was clear. The best part was the comedy of course and I congratulate you on making somewhat of a reference to Salad Fingers which is another great work. *SPOILER WARNING*

I was so scared at the end, I thought you were gonna put a screamer on there!


This is grand. You have great talent with your artisitic ability, and your style is wonderful.
I have to ask though, who won the with the wet paint? It's killing me!

Comlock responds:

Thank you=)
Sadly, both Argentina and Estonia died at the end. There were no winners =P


If I were a wet paint competitor I would be sure to lay my paint thinly. I would just sort of whip the brush over the canvas, not layering it too much. And I would make sure to paint the area that the judge is going to test first, so that it would dry first.

Peeing on a plant would kill the plant. Whenever I pee outside on leaves, they turn black.

If I were the judge I would be sure to wash my hands carefully or put on new disposable gloves in between testing the paint. Otherwise my hands would be colored in paint all the time and the match would never end even after the paint was dry.

That little girl's ears were doing the Tricky Dick Nixon victory sign, two fingers up on each hand. Why did she have hands on her ears?

If I were given a meal of dragon eyelash I'd eat it up quick, if it was dead enough.

Why not have a wet T-shirt contest with paint in place of water? I'd watch that paint dry anyday!

Comlock responds:

haha! nice review! =D
Thanks =)


"its still wet paint!!"
"i cant believe its still wet!!"
"this is so exciting!!!"

hahaha very funny

Ah yes, I recognise the style.

This is excellent, I love the subtle humour, and the style of cartooning. It reminds me of Albert Uderzo, the man behind the cartoons of Asterix the Gaul. Are you influenced by him at all? Well done. 5/5 from me. I've bookmarked you as a favourite author.

P.S. I also love your cartoon "Bones".

Comlock responds:

Thanks for the comment=)
Im influenced by many artists. But thanks for comparing me with Albert Uderzo=) He's awesome! that wasn't really intentional either=)