Reviews for "Fjernsyn"


wow..great animation!!!

Where to start

Your animation skills are there, I can tell, even if you dont use them much in this flash. The drawings are, as usual for your stuff, excellently done and polished. The sound quality and voice acting are top notch and really really professional sounding.

However, you fall short when it comes to humor. I wouldnt really call any of the stuff "unfunny" because all the skits warrant a small half hearted smile, but just something about the way you try to execute the jokes is terribly dry and slow, and just overall unsucsessful. I felt like I was watching paint dry (and in a sense I was! :D).

My favorite skit was by far the crudly drawn "yep" restaurant scene. I felt that it was by far the most creative and most intresting, the others just sorta droned on and on with a complete lack of the humor that could be brough forth in a skit that drags on like that (where the fact that it takes so long is basically what makes it funny).

You have outstanding animation, drawing, and voice acting/sound editing skills so maybe try your luck at more serious flash, because also basing this on seeing your other entries, you stumble when it comes to comedy.


i thoroughly enjoyed this flash. the whole paint drying thing was hilarious! and honestly, if you had made the monster appear like the 5 seconds after we were taken back to the menu, that would have been freakin awesome! right when the viewer relaxes, then BAM! ;)

sweet one

that was a pretty god series of animation, all rolled into one here. having them all in the form of television channels... or at least, thats what it seemed to me, was highly original and very entertaining and amusing. all of the little skits in this one were pretty good, though the paintings between Estonia and Argentina get a little bit boring and stale after awhile, but overall, this animation was sweet. Good work on this one and glad to see it win a daily feature..... oh yes!... what does "Fjernsyn" mean and what language is it? Im assuming its a scandinavian language, but if I know what it is, then i can understand that part a little bit more.

Refreshing concept

Nice little feel good movie... i like the concept of flipping channels and the nonsense of whats on tv, it all comes together nicely.. wet paaaint wet paaaaint. lovely.