Reviews for "Fjernsyn"

This is great. Respect.

An instant favourite.

Like Robot Chicken, only funny

Arthur, your artistic style is brilliant; I can't get enough of it. The judge of the paint competition was great, as well; i thought his character was especially fitting for the role. Keep making original flashes like these because I'll never tire of this sort of thing.

That was great for a Robot Chicken rip-off!

You definately have the right idea, but, you need more jokes, and it needs to be sped up. Some of the skits lingered on and were pointless.
My particular favourite part was 'watching the paint dry'.
Keep up the good work.

dude ahah! That was sweet!

That was amazing! Lol!

I actually got scared at the ending credits that right when you said ready, I exited out XD.

You make miracles, I got scared! I mean no sound at all, I WAS FREAKIN' OUT!

I might never watch it.... But maybe.. One day... LOL.


Hilarious. Really great art and excellent animation. I'm surprised I've never heard of you before, you're really great! Awesome job with this, really made me laugh :D