Reviews for "Luigi's Bad Luck IV"


Can you email me to tell me what the song is at the pipe part?

here's the game hint

Let's have some fun with him shall we?

Ok= a big bullet bill hurt him= move on
Let's not= TOO FREAKING BAD luigi is hurt by soo many bullet bill= Game Over

Now what shall we do?

Give him the duck= a small duck hit him= choose again
SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION= luigi explod= Game Over
Load the cannon= the green pipe load and shoot luigi in the air= One more

Death by

Legomen= millions of legomen K.O luigi= Game Over
Give him the duck= this time a BIG duck hit him= Game Over
Marjo= why its marjo and not mario?? Anyway mario do marjomix on luigi will kill him= Game Over
Godzilla= well, a big feet kill him (nothing special)= Game Over

good game

it is an awsome game!:) :P

Marjo Spri... uh ... I mean ... Game Reviewer

Better than the other three, but still has flaws. Look into getting the Luigi Sprite for Super Mario World for the GBA. The alternate plots was a great idea.

Best one yet

Awsome job once again and I like the good time for the right music. P.S. all people who haven't played this game yet, don't click on "Let's not..." OR ELSE!!