Reviews for "Luigi's Bad Luck IV"


That wasn't the best one, but it was the funniest, by far!
If you say no to having fun with him, and the Godzilla perts were my favorite. I hope the other 2 are even better!




Here's the Bad Luck lineup.
Let's have fun with him!
Ok!=Luigi gets hurt by a Banzai Bill and moves on.
Let's not...=TOO FREAKIN BAD!!>Luigi gets hurt with so many Bullet Bills>Game Over!

Give him the duck=A small duck hits Luigi's head>Choose Again
Spontanious Combustion=Luigi explodes>Game Over!
Load the Cannon=A Cannon shoots Luigi away. One more choice.

Death by...

Legomen=Lego Minifigs KO Luigi>Game Over
Give him the Duck=This time a BIG Duck crushes him>Game Over
Marjo=Mario goes Marjomix of Luigi thereby killing him>Game Over
Godzilla=This one's self-explainatory>Game Over


^^Good Points^^
I really liked the music and sound effects you used in this movie. They were different for each scenario and they all were fitting. The way the options came up and had little icons next to them is pretty cool as well. Lots of options and this can be fun to play around with.

^^Needs Improving^^
Sometimes the graphics were pretty crap. In the pipe scene, you obviously just overlapped the pipe instead of putting luigi on a different layer, or atleast that is what I assume. Also you could have added a button so that one could replay the last option scene instead of having to go through everything.

ok better

a game? well thats new, well done you have made up 4 the last flash so im givin it another 5... yay