Reviews for "Luigi's Bad Luck IV"

Luigi: day of die

haha... change Luigi's die:

Part 1: many bombs
Part 2: suicide by explode
Part 3: legoman, marjo, duck or godzilla!!!

Change Luigi's die ^^^^^^


that was fuuny


you made it an interactive

How it goes in it!

Let's have some fun with him shall we?

Ok= a big bullet bill hurt him= move on
Let's not= TOO FREAKING BAD luigi is hurt by soo many bullet bill= Game Over

Now what shall we do?

Give him the duck= a small duck hit him= choose again
SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION= luigi explod= Game Over
Load the cannon= the green pipe load and shoot luigi in the air= One more

Death by

Legomen= millions of legomen K.O luigi= Game Over
Give him the duck= this time a BIG duck hit him= Game Over
Marjo= why its marjo and not mario?? Anyway mario do marjomix on luigi will kill him= Game Over
Godzilla= well, a big feet kill him (nothing special)= Game Over