Reviews for "Luigi's Bad Luck IV"


the most funniest part is when you click lets not and it says too freakin' bad

needs more

it was fun, but there needs to be more to it


nice duck, is he from earthbound? The music when you first drop him is from when you fight Frank isn't it? Earthbound rocks...............so does mario+the other guy...........you know..wears green........

Nice job!!

Great job with the movie!! Just, I have a few questions involving the music. First, why did you put in the theme to Lupin the 3rd when Mario dances, and when the huge duck falls on him, was that PARANOiA playing?? Last question, what was the music in the second place where Luigi runs up to the cannon from? I know I heard it somewhere before, but I forgot where.

Now this is what i'm talking about. :D

This one was hilarous and even more violent then before and it even had interactivity to boot,what a great comeback. :D