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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"


It's an alright game. but it isn't chess like so don't say it is.

Pretty bad

The main problem is the fact that the computer spawns like 3-5 units for every one of yours. You end up with your pawns surrounded by stronger computeru nits, and whe nyuo finally get some strong units, by then they can beat you thru numbers.

freeworldgroup responds:

no it doesn't... sorry. Both sides get exactly the same number of pieces. When they spawn at random you simply need to use some strategic thinking to beat the computer. It's not hard and follows the original chinese chess rules to the letter.

Nice game!

Nice game but lvl 4 should be the last song, its the hardest!

interesting game

Love the concept, but it is more like statego. Maybe if luck was not such a major factor it could be a lot more fun. I look forward to seeing a second version. Update it and make the board bigger maybe?

not bad

Good but needs improvements. Easy option too easy win, others hard to win