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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"


this was the shit..........good job


i'm having a lot of fun with this

everything is better with zombies.

A lot of fun. This game is very strategic and plays out really well. The presentation, from the graphics to the sounds, is also top notch. The only thing stopping me from giving this perfect is that sometimes some frustrating things can happen, such as chasing down a single creature that you can never catch or the luck of having your king spawn beside a pawn.

A turn counter would also be nice somewhere.

Overall, this game is very strategic and very fun.

Great Strategy

The only flaw I find in this game is that it only takes 25 moves to enter a stalemate. I personally think that you should make it so after 25 moves, you can propose a stalemate, but continue up to 50 moves before an official stalemate is declared. I've had a number of times where I was well on my way to creaming the computer, but it took me a while to position all my pieces to lock him in. Things like that really piss me off.

Anyway, I'm noticing that some people think there isn't any strategy to this, but there actually is. I wanted to run through a bit of it:

1.) Keep in mind the number that each level piece has. There are eight 1s, four 2s, two 3s, two 4s and one 5 & 6. While the King is the strongest piece, he can be killed by another king and any of the 8 pawns, making him nearly as weak as a level 2 in terms of how easily he can be killed.

2.) The Queen is essentially the strongest piece with the least weaknesses, as there are only two pieces capable of killing her. She can kill everything else except the King

3.) It is always better if you can arrange for the computer to be the one to have to expose the graves. If the computer does the exposing, you get a full turn to react to whatever new creature has appeared. This means that if the new creature is yours, you can attack or move it to an unthreatened position, OR, if it's not yours, you can attack or run from it before it has a chance to do anything

4.) Basically, whoever manages to destroy all the threats to their own highest level piece will be the eventual victor. If your highest level piece is the King, then all other pieces should be devoted to tracking down and killing the pawns, even if it means sacrificing a level 2 or 3 piece to do it.

5.) Guard 1 - 3 lower level pieces with a single higher level piece. By positioning your pieces this way, it allows you to defend all of those pieces, since as soon as they take one of the smaller ones, you can take their obviously higher level piece.

6.) Use higher level pieces to herd enemy pieces to lower level pieces. Be efficient. If you have a level 3 and a level 2 and you're trying to go after a level 2, use your level 3 to pressure and eventually box in the enemy level 2 against your own level 2. Any piece can take out its own level, but only if it made the move that put it into an attackable position.

7.) Don't worry about defending a piece that can have another piece do its job. If you've got a choice between losing a pawn and losing a level 2, but you've got a level 4 and the enemy has their king already, save the pawn.

8.) Know when NOT to kill. Early on, the graves can be a hinrance to movement. Sometimes, the enemy may have a level 4, 5 or 6 out, while you only have a level 2. However, between you and the level 4+ is a pawn. Instead of killing this pawn, merely box him in so teh higher level enemy piece can't move around.

9.) Pay attention to the number of pieces. This allows you to weigh the chances of what any unopened grave will be.

10.) If you need to open up a grave, don't do it right next to your own piece or the enemy, unless absolutely necessary or you've weighed the chances as stated by the previous tip. If you open it up next to an enemy and it's one of your pieces of a lower level, they get a free shot on you. If you open it next to your piece and its an enemy, they still get a free shot on you.

11.) In terms of overall score, stalemates can actually be used to your benefit. Rather than lose pieces trying to completely destroy the enemy, just run down the timer while keeping as many of yoru pieces as possible, raking up a higher score.

12.) Stalemates can also be used to get points even when you lose. On top of this, if you win every round, you'll be declared the victor halfway through. It is actually better to only win every odd level and on the even levels, get as may of your monsters out and run the timer down to raise your score while losing, even if this means sacrificing monsters to get your score down enough to lose.

This is what I've learned from playing just for a few days^^

freeworldgroup responds:

glad you took the time to understand the game, nice review. : - )


I give it a ten..its in my favorites and i still come back and play every once in a while