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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Great game but you totally ruined it; "0" over all

This would have been the perfect game if not for the 25 move limit. I cant tell you how many awesome games I was in the middle of, when the game just friggen faded to black and ended in the middle of it. Its a great, great game, but the 25 move thing compleatly ruins the entire thing. Unplayable.


neat idea but sucky game for 3 reasons.

reason 1: the whole 50/50 bit makes the game to easily swing in one person's favor. all that has to happen is one side happens to get 3+ strength pieces while the other side gets mostly 3 or less strength piece.

reason 2: there is no strategy to it when EVERY piece moves like a pawn.

reason 3: the pawn being able to kill the king makes sense but the fact the king can't kill the weakest piece in the game is STUPID.

i would strongly suggest rebuilding it on a traditional chess board and have it to where there is a chance for your pieces to appear in any normal position on a chess board. that could be quite interesting because you could end up with minor pieces blocked in the back and major pieces standing in the front for no apparent reason.

in addition it would be nice if you still allowed the traditional rook king switch provided there is a clear route from the king to rook...

freeworldgroup responds:

sorry you missed the point of the game and didn't see how strategic the game was. The intent was not to build a western type chess game - this is one form of Chinese chess and should not be compared with western chess, as it does not attempt to replicate it in any way.


i would play the game if it would fit in my web browser whenever it gets to the instructions i can't hit anything because they are below the bottom of my browser and i can't scroll down cause the game comes with it what should i do...or if there is nothing i can do please do something cause i want to play it

this game is not fun

it's to unbalanced... I don't like the chance at getting a peice. I would rather have the same number of peice. I got like 5 peices and the rest went to the other team. Unfair and unfun.


if i wanted to play a game were everytime i started out the other team had the advantage of 8 people and i died i would go play i wanna be the guy this is a stupid game and is a waste of time