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Reviews for "Tomb Chess"

Great game, well worth my time

Technically, this is a Stratego variant, not Chess... as the 'hidden pieces' and 'weakest piece beats strongest piece' mechanics demonstrate. Nomenclature aside, it's a very good game, and despite the randomness of truly hidden pieces, there's still a lot of strategy involved in uncovering the pieces (or digging up graves, if you prefer), particularly in considering what pieces have and have not been revealed yet. Great game, definitely worth playing again.


it took me a while to understand its mechanics fully, but i eventually got it *after reading the instructions over and over* and i finally picked it up, great game, i got addicted, so yea keep up the good work, i like the them as well.


I enjoy everything about this game its flippin awsome my favorite is the music where did you get the music or who is the artist

Good but.

This game was really good. but see im a stupid person and dont really care for strategy games. But if i HAD to choose between this or some lame dress up game i'd definately go with this. good job.


Great game, nicely put together. The graphics are as good as they need to be without being distracting or hurting gameplay, very addictive game. I found it pretty tough at first but I came to get a lot better at it. It's not one you can be immediately good at, even if you are good at chess. But it's worth the effort!