Reviews for "Underground Army"

Pretty Good

This game is really good because there are lots of units and the graphics aren't that bad, but it takes too long to get good units and set up a good defence since you are always being attacked. Also this game lags a lot and it makes the game sorta boring. All you really need to do is maybe put a timer that tells you the time till the next wave of enemys and enough time in between attacks to be able to save sufficient funds.

Didn't understand

I didn't understand this game at all.

Cool Game

This game is cool except you should put like watch towers or maybe you should put that you can build a bigger base like command and conquer red alert 2 beacause in that game youll need alot of strategy to win you should do the same for this one

hard But fun

like i said its hard if you make a second one ( i hope you do) you should add snipers watch towers ect and fix the shooting the hill problem... otherwise is pretty good and i liked it.


Not a bad game overall, but I'd agree with the last reviewer that this game is really, really hard. It would be nice to have some sort of pause to get things in order as well. Not a bad effort by any means, just seems to need some tweaking here and there.