Reviews for "Underground Army"

good concept, however....

This could be a really cool game, but when it comes right down to it, it is unplayable. I love the concept, but the controls are just so far gone that the game is no fun to play. Please make a sequel in which the controls work properly. And try to provide some contrast between the soldiers and the background.


Everything was pretty good, just the deselecting and selecting was messed up. Every time you tried to select a building to built, you forgot to deselect your troops, which caused chaos as you tried to move them back to their place. The moving of the map was also troubling.

That part was extremely annoying. Even if u remembered to deselect your troops, the game itself was somewhat slow. I have a fast computer and I put it on low quality. Just too much things happening at once caused the game to slow down.

I would tell you how to fix it, but i'm not any game or flash maker.
Just pointing out some stuff.

Overall, a 7.

not bad!

wave 20 is bad ass but how do u git the war f. i got a lot ok $$$ but and the po. is at max and it is not going to it so some help me git it?


whoa wave 5 was a bitch omg this game was hard it was fun but the emenies were to much gud job styll

Good but needs to be improved

I found this game was a little to hard you had no money to start off with really and you then had to build a barracks and infantry which to my suprise the enemy could spam much more than i did when you finally beat back there infantry by wasting all your money on gunners the enemy start bringing in vechles im sorry this game needs to be improved.