Reviews for "Underground Army"

not bad

Definitely C&C inspired like you said, but you did your own thing. i liked it a lot. Hope to see this game advance into something bigger/new version or w/e
Good stuff.

Good potential..

.. but you really need to work on the "user-friendly" part of your game... think of these points:

Allow the player to choose when a wave start.. sometimes.. you know.. we like to be able to take our time or just pause for a bit.

Rethink your controls because they are extremelly akward.

And many more. Just dont forget that what you are making here is a game. A game.
A game is supposed to be fun, simple, easy to understand... not supposed to be confusing within the first 5 minutes and be frustrating because we are not allowed to have time to think.

Great concept, poorly executed

The game could be a lot of fun, but (at least on my computer) it got to running really slow. You need to take a look at your actionscript and see if there's anything you can do to make it faster.

For the number of sprites and the level of graphics you have, it's just way to slow.

Look for all the loops you have running that contain the hitTest() function. That's probably what's making it run slow.

That, really, is the only thing wrong with the game. It's more than enough, though.

not even close to c&c

gay u always select all units and its boring as hell

too hard.

sweet game dude but some graffix need fixin'. tho, i couldn't get past 1st wave. it's very challenging, maybe 2 hard!

sweet game, tho.