Reviews for "Underground Army"


Is this supposed to suck this much?
It's a great concept and everything, it just has so many things wrong with it that have been stated so many times before me.

Please work on them and resubmit it.

wow....abortion of a take on Command and couquer

lol.....what a horrible take on command and conquer, its the excat same thing as Command and conqouer....it just sucks more......it needs a alot of work, and i like how you make your little rocket units and they just get the shit pounded out of them by tanks, and i also like how you can only have 15 units and the emeny can bring in 45 AT ONE TIME, the game is just boring.....try harder..the artwork need to be good also....how the fuck did this make front page?

needs work

it needs a lot of work, whenever u even try to get another person it makes the people selected move

Great! but still needs a few things.

This would be one of my favorite games on NG if it had a few things, first of all, you should have it so you can save your game, second of all needs a pause button, third it runs slow as balls after the 2nd wave, even on low quality. but all that it's still freakin awesome

donty listen to the other guy

this game is so simply addicting that i just couldnt stop playing lol i started yesterday but after i stoped for the night i lost it and spent all day looking for it lol im such a freak anyway i give this game a ten in all catagories and a five on the pico votign thing lol