Reviews for "Underground Army"

Man that enemy whistle is loud! Gets a bit annoying when the city is repeatedly under attack, but all in all this was an elaborately challenging game. Once you get into it (and if you read the tutorial) the gameplay all makes sense, but the social system seems a bit messy from the start. No barrack, no obvious chain of events, an in-game tutorial would've been cool. Twas a fun play though!


this blows


liked how the mechanic is mexican. made me lol


It is too difficult!

Pretty rough

Could use a lot of work.
All you have to do is position soldiers at the correct angle of the hill so that neither your solider's shots or the enemies shots can hit eachother and they will stay like that for as long as you can tolerate the racket of all the overwhelming and unecessary sound effects this game has. It's a pretty good idea I guess...I guess. Kind of balance economy with military, okay, but I think what makes it so bad is how clear it is to everyone who plays this how little actual thought, planning and most of all testing went into this.