Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

I should have watched this first

I liked the Eskimo Bob sign in the background. That would be cool if you could put in other NG stuff in the background of the other episodes...

whoa that was damn dood

dude fucky you that was damn good, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and mind you, that was the first flash I saw in me life that was without humour yet still damn interesting and good.


im jealous of how damn good this is
the animation was incredable and the story was amazing
and omg the bad guy at the end oooooooh shit thats some bad ass villian

im about to check out pt2 to see what happens

awesome job

keep up the awesome work


Ok, this was the best animation, story, and sound I've ever heard on a flash movie. I aplaude your intellegence on the entire movie, I have never given a "10" in all my reviewing, so you are the first. I am proud to give up my 10 virginity to you.


Who does the guys voice? Hot i tell you..Hot...Good work!