Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

Very interesting!

This is a form of animation I haven't seen on the Portal. It's very interesting to see real media (ie the pictures of New York, etc) used in the way that they were. This was way worth the download time (even if it did download in about 2 seconds since I'm running on a T1 line). It actually has a plot, the animation is flawless (in my opinion, at least), and it actually makes you want to watch the second part to see what happens. Wonderful work! Keep submitting your stuff!

Love the Graphics

OK, SO now that I have seen chapter one and two this is absolutly great!!!! I will definitly watch out for the next chapters. Damn your good!!


Really great looking artwork. I liked the mixture of drawn characters with merged backgrounds. Good music, and a well-written story. Nice plug for Eskimo Bob...heh.


This series kicks ass.

I think it should be a DVD series man.

Still watching it!

I've seen this series like fifty times on here and it never gets old.
Keep it up!!!