Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

The best style i've seen, excellent!

This first episode leaves you hanging to watch the next in the series. It's got a great and unique style, kind of manga mixed with the artists own art style. The plot is intriguing and the music is really cool and fits perfectly. If you havent already watch the next episodes, they get even better!

Arrogancy is tight

this series is great!keep up the good work. you're animation is awesome.


Sweeeeeeeeeeet Is the word i'd use for this flash!


That was kick-butt great!!! I mean, wow! I loved it! Reminded me of the Matrix.


ok, you say your skills grow with each series, and like, this is the weakest of your episodes? dude even this one kicks major ass, which means from your point the other ones must kick mega major ass =), good work man, excellent plot,great artwork everything