Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

The best style i've seen, excellent!

This first episode leaves you hanging to watch the next in the series. It's got a great and unique style, kind of manga mixed with the artists own art style. The plot is intriguing and the music is really cool and fits perfectly. If you havent already watch the next episodes, they get even better!

This is what a true Flash movie is all about.

Man, that was great. Yeah, almost like everyone said the voice of Arrogancy sucked and I gotta agree with them. Anime people don't have country voices do they? Well, other than that voice deal, it's a masterpiece. Congrats my man, congrats.

a must c

this is a really good flash but when they speak especially the guy there a bit of reverb but other then that this is a great flash animation


You are a god to me. Because you can "actually" make a series and!! And make a succesful website about it. And the animations are awsome. Enjoy your 10.

-Hell Stalker

Very good!

I really like this flash. For the first in its series its really well done! =P