Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

good story but the rest is shit

bad voice and animation but as isaid good story

once again i say im a big fan

but will you freaken fix the f***en arrogancy webpage it doesent work and hasent been for weeks so fix it!!!! and i mean fix it!!

what sup wit the voice acting

i like this everything was cool except for the voice acting the voice acting was really weak i couldnt feel the emotion of the charcters but yea fantastic art animation color creativity just very horrible voice acting


Your drawing is crazy good. How did you do that? Wacom Tablet? It's awesome. Is it just me or does the main character remind you of Neo from the Matrix? Anyway, this is better than 98% of the stuff that goes into the portal. If you need some advice I'd say swap voice actors if you can. They're decent although I don't believe they truly fit the bodies of the people they inhabit. Regardless, nice work.

Pretty good.

It was pretty good, I liked it.
What was really offputting was his voice. I couldn't stand it. Should have given him some hot accent, to suit his apperience(sp?).
The girls voice was ok, I thought it was a little wierd and didnt suit her at first, but then I got used to it, actually thought it was pretty nice.
I liked the ending.. Makes me deffinitaly want to watch chapter two.
Just fix his voice and I would have really really liked this.