Reviews for "Arrogancy: Chapter One"

What ever

I have not watched it!!!


Cool graphics but it was a little slow some times.
But otherwise than that it was good!
So Ten Star it is!

Kick Ass.

This Is A Great Flash, And I'm Not Suprised They Gave You A Whole Section. The Girl's Voice Could Use Working On.. It Sounded Like She Was Shy, And Didn't Want To Do The Voice For Maria.. I Have Seen Any Of The Others You've Created, But I Will. Also, I've Added You To My Favorite Authors List, And Have Given You A Five.. There Is No Reason Why Anyone Should Dislike This, Its Just So Cool, And Kick Ass. Mission Impossible Meets Newgrounds.


dat was da best flash ive cn so far! keep up da series!

its good just add a little more movement to your charicters and voice more quality and itll be alot better