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Reviews for "Industrial Ruins"


The name fits the song well. It is a mix of creepy, mysterious, and futuristic sounds. Good job, especially for your first composition. I like it! You should release a second version of this that loops, if possible.

DrMackFoxx responds:

A looping version? I'll consider that. Thank you very much for the great review! :)


Everyone else is right, the title is very suiting, it kinda sounds like something you would hear playing FF7 when you're running around one of its slums, or as you said an abandoned factory. If you're interested in music like this you should check out the gorillaz's latest album, its got a lot of electric/vibe in its songs, good bass too. Oh and throw some Daft Punk in there...its real electronica. Anyway thanks for your time,


DrMackFoxx responds:

So you think this track would be at home in Final Fantasy 7? I would say that means I'm on the right track with my composing. Thank you very much for checking out my song as well as the review! I really appreciate it. :)


Maybe if you gave it a n echo effect and the background music could maybe have an "acid" effect if that's what its called, idk lol I don't know how to make music, bu maybe someone can get what I'm saying haha

Keep up the great work dude!

DrMackFoxx responds:

Hmmmm... you have some intriguing ideas. No reason I can't play around with effects like that in some future compositions. :)

Thank you very much for the review! I really appreciate it.

You are... Awesome!

It's your first music on newgrounds? Man, this was awesomness! At somes places, It coulds fit... Factories level on donkey kongs country... You are just awesome and I hope you'll get first on the front page ^^






DrMackFoxx responds:

Well, this is the first song that I composed by myself. :) I submitted several other tracks before this, but they were all collaborations. I agree. I can imagine this song fitting in rather well as the background music in those factory levels from the original SNES release of Donkey Kong Country.

At any rate, thank you very much for the excellent review and I'm very glad that you loved this track! :)

Very good.

This music matches perfectly with a scene just before a boss fight (it builds a great tension witch would be great for a villain theme).
I't sounds like a mix of the Sound tracks of Top Gear 3000 and Sim City 2000.
I expect to hear more songs composed by you :D .

DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah! You have a good idea of yet another place of where this track would work. I do have a few more original tracks in the works.

Thank you very much for the excellent review and I'm glad you really enjoyed this song! :)