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Reviews for "Industrial Ruins"


nuff said...

DrMackFoxx responds:

So I see! :laughs: Nonetheless, thank you very much for the review! I really appreciate it! :)


Makes me think of a visual Novel. With the main character sneaking around an odd place, something like a secret hidden lab, or finding something hidden. Kinda like a mystery tone. Not so much factory like.
But diffinently something mysterious and hidden.

DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah! Those are some more good examples of where this song would be a good fit. :)

Glad to hear you liked this track and thank you very much for the great review!


..in space maybe underwater
gives the feeling of a really huge machine moving through an atmosphere..sneaky
now i got it!
its submarine-Music

DrMackFoxx responds:

I certainly like reading people's suggestions of where this song would be a good fit as a BGM. :) Nice to know this tune would work in a wide variety of situations and scenery. Much more than just ruins of an alien or advanced metropolis, which is what inspired me to compose this song.

Thank you very much for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed this track! :)



DrMackFoxx responds:

'Nuff said, eh? :laughs: Glad to hear you loved this song and thanks a lot for the excellent review! I really appreciate it. :)

I can feel..

Samus' ship approaching. lol Good job!

DrMackFoxx responds:

Hmmm! Yet another good example of where this track would fit in as an appropriate BGM. Thank you very much for the great review and I'm glad you really enjoyed this tune! :)