Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

Good game but still one bug thats still there...

Everything is good about the game. You fixed the delay on levels 1-13 but after that it is just as long as before.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Hmm, interesting. The delay should be the same on every level, though the level length itself increases. Maybe there's something I missed.

its ok

this flash is alright it could us a little more blood and people screaming or at least moaning when they die but otherwise fun

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

A little gruesome, perhaps?

If I could find the sound effects for free, perhaps I might have.

Thanks for the review.

great improvement

this is layed out a whole lot better than the last game, great improvement on teh save feature too, there are a few things that bothered me, when teh end game comes up it takes longer and longer for it to end, the morter and static, i found teh morter useless as you had to aim closer to yourself for it to actually damage them, by the stage the enemy is usualy dead anaways, and the static charge thing, always flew past everyone otherwise it would be my favourite addition along with the laser,
the start menu was quite cool i havnt seen that too much,
if you were gonna make another one of these, the concept would be getting somehow old, but as an idea you could make a 3d version and have teh screen in this one as a kind of radar in a little box, anyhow, whatever you decide to make next im definatly gonna look into it + you are gonna get a 5 for a couple of days, this submission is worth it

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Well, thanks for the comments.

I'll be looking at 3D over summer, but don't expect another Imminent for a long while yet.


Excellent concept, read a previous review where it was stated that none of the upgrade guns (lasers, flak, etc.) hit anything if the line of fire wasnt that of the cursor.
Try playing hard mode :) I played easy and i had the same problem. I tried hard and my static gun, my flak etc. are all a huge advantage when they swarm me (ya... i agree the lasers and mortar are dissapointing, they are the upgrades that i find totally useless. )
So here's a few things for the future
1. The cursor is terrible. If your aiming at a dude the cursor is so thick you cant see if the guy "under" your crosshair has died or not. I've wasted precious second figuring out if a dude was dead or if my crosshair was just off by a milimetre.
2. Improve the lasers. Make them the same line of fire as the cursor (or possibly autoaim at closest target?) and make them LASERs (Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation) (IE. Let them travel at the speed of light: Instant hit, not a traveling beam of light... ruins the concept of a lasers)
3. The 2nd level of static charge irritated me. The beams are like 1 cm but their actual width is way smaller. I've had numerous times the "wings" of a static charge hit a little dude but it didnt have an impact.

Besides those 3 things that irritated me during gameplay I loved the concept of beginning with a single gun and before you know it your blasting yellow, red, green, black and cannon thingys all over the place. Maybe make an arcade mode where you can give the player control over the variables (starting guns, cheats, amount of enemies coming at you, which enemies etc.) cuz that'd be awesome too. And make sure that if u do that u first have to complete 20 lvls or sumthing before that is unlocked.
Keep up the good work

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Sorry about the electric weapon graphics. I should have expected this.

The problem with travelling at the speed of light is the laser pulse would only be on-screen for one frame (if that) and collision detectiom would be, well, possible, but very expensive in terms of clock cycles.

Thanks for your comments!

Imminent 1 was better

I liked Imminent 1 better (except for the graphics, because they were better in this game). The main reason for not really liking this one is that most of the weapons are absolutely useless. I have NEVER seen an enemy get killed by any weapons that did not aim at the cursor location. And most enemies got killed by the main machine gun. That means the enemies are too strong for the other weapons and/or there are not enough enemies at the same time. Also, after a while, the enemies got too strong for the main machine gun as wel, because it took ages to kill them.
My advice: Create more enemies and make them weaker, so non-cursor targeted weapons are effective as well.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Good pointers there.

Thanks for the review