Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"

good game

i like it
maybe you could work on those weapons, and i seriosly dont like the circular view mode, and that back ground is just.. a piece of crap.. lol
apart from that its a good game, you get an 8

I agree with those sugestions from CheekyVincent

Bad Game

i just dont like the birds eye view defence games

Good game, but needs a lot of improvement

Your game is quite good, but in my opinion, the last game was better. This game had a lot of bugs. I got tonnes of money for shooting one thing (couple hundred thousand).

One reason why I liked the prequel was that the graphics were good. In this- being frankly honest, black blobs. I also think that there weren't enough weapons-I liked the mortar idea- only except that the mortar didn't do any damage.Also, there were much less weapons. Only about 10. In the last one, there were at least 20 including upgrades.

There were many bugs. I have seen the following:

- Tonnes of money for killing air (Ie nothing)
- On the infinite mode, in Level 20, I just died when there was nothing there, and whatever killed me did something like 900 damage.

I liked the design, I thought the loader and menu were amazing, though a bit confusing. I also didn't like the backgrounds- there were only 2. On the pasue menu, you had to guess what the buttons did, since there were no labels.

So, to improve it, I think that you should:

- Try to ensure there aren't any bugs
- Try harder on the graphics- like Imminent I
- Make labels for menus
- Make more weapons
- Make 'turrets' that are auto-controlled that can be upgraded.
- Make boss levels
- Cheats?
- Maybe create soldiers that kill units... or that just might make it rubbish and slow
- Make 3 Save Slots

I know that was a lot of suggestions, but I hope it helps :)

Strange but nice

mostly on round 5 or so i always got a nice amount of money somthing like infinite...psyche :D

Too Easy

Too Easy.