Reviews for "ImminentII - Resilience"


this game IS the TRUE definition of PWNAGE!!!

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:



Wasn't bad at all.

I found a glitch were you can get 50k to 60k every second, without clicking the mouse once... :)
Also, when the lvl ends, you still get the money comming in at every second lol :D

Due to that, i was able to get all the upgrades, and end the game with 300 mill+ and 200k armour.. :X (had to stop some time... lol)

I don't ussually brag, but everyone post yours stats!! :D

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

I've attempted to fix that... problem.

Thanks for the review


So far, despite my valiant efforts, I cant get past around lvl 53 in medium mode.

- All but 4 or so creeps are infantry, put in more armor/aircraft.

- I had one missle hit me at level 25ish for 6000+ (3000 armor to negative 3500 before the 'you lost' screen came up). I'm guessing a bug, 'cause I never had that happen again.

- Theres a memory leak (might flash problem in general, but I dont code flash soooo?). However, the save feature does work. If the game is slowing down, save, kill browser, and load it back up.

- For those complaining, the side lasers do come in handy at later levels where I seem to be doing more spray-and-pray.

- I do wish there were more big mobs. It can be a pain to focus the machine gun/cannon all the time.

- I wish the missles and exploding tanks didnt move so damned fast, or at least didnt hit so hard later. 17k armor is alot to get blown off =P

- From about level 5 to level 20ish the green grass blur looks funny to me. Once it goes brown all is well.

- I over all like the weapon choices, save the mortar. Its hard to predict when it'll go off etc while firing like mad. I saw a previous post about making it a button press to launch. I think that'd rock.

- I wouldnt mind seeing something with more of a (pardon the term) defensive aspect. Let me clairify; the armor and active healer are defensive, but the game is centered around weapons (which is fine =P). Maybe a recharge at level up force field? Mine placement during the level up screen?

- Music rocked. I wish there was some way to turn off the gun fire sounds so I could listen to it w/o the extra noise.

- All and all an excellent game. I'll spend many more hours playing it =). Thank you.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

I'm glad the save is working for someone.

The grass blur is slowing fading, by the level, into different bitmaps. It gives me more mileae on my backgrounds :P

I'll bear in mind the mortar issue...

I was considering a shields option. I'm still mulling over the way they'll work exactly.

Thanks for the review, dude!


it was ok and i say that lightly the enemies where way to small i had more trouble just trying to get my cursor right on them, and they still get to me cause they were right between my machine gun and plasma gun i was like "wtf" to big no no enemies wayyyyy to small, next thing most of the weapons where totally useless. Not only did that not do enough damage in higher levels those of the times they just did not hit the target at all, and last but not least the suicide guys they ran way to fast and had to much hp and also where to small even the bigger one cause at level 42 he hit for 2k, make then bigger or have alot less hp nice game needs alot of work

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:


Erm, thanks for the pointers.

Good game with only minor complaints

I'm really enjoying this game. The graphics are a bit low-end, but they do work for what's going on. The only problems I've really seen with the game that haven't been addressed are as follows.

1) With "Remains" on, the game begins to experience slowdown starting around level 13 for me. When I leave that option off, it seems as if the problem never rears its head.

2) When I buy an armor upgrade, I don't actually get the armor, it has to heal onto my tower. So I end up paying for the upgrade and then to repair the "damage".

Other than that, this game is devouring my brain... must kill more little men with powerful weapons.

Leonardo-Da-Finchy responds:

Thanks a lot for that first point. You may just have solved an issue for me!

The second one, that's meant to happen. My decision.

Glad you like it!